BEWARE: The Pagan Agenda and Your Children

This video basically discusses how witchcraft is being pushed on children in America and all around the world through the media, entertainment and education. This is something every parent should take a long look at to make themselves aware of the truth of a Pagan Agenda that is targeting today’s children.



2 Responses to “BEWARE: The Pagan Agenda and Your Children”

  1. Praise God for your work. As my child approaches the teen years, this was a great warning to be very aware of the ways Satan will attack my child to draw them away from God and Jesus Christ. Thank you!

  2. I am a witch in California and I agree with so much of what you say People just don’t understand
    My comment to you has nothing to do with witchcraft
    Your Annunciation of the word ASK is horrible I end up just focusing on that word every time you say it instead of listening to your Video
    Say the word ASK or ASKED into your microphone recorder several times the way you say it now and play it back Then have a friends say into the recorder and play it back to hear the difference
    Play it over and over speaking with it Maybe you can drop that Annunciation
    I know this comment will probably piss you off and youll probably think horrible things of me I’m sorry for that

    For years I was a court prepper Many of my clients were of different ethnicities quite a few of them being black Ask is one of several words the black community tends to slaughter every single time My job was to clean them up for the eyes of the court and just a simple thing like changing a words Annunciation changes how people perceive others

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