VIDEO: The UFO Conspiracy – Space Travelers or Demonic Forces?


3 Responses to “VIDEO: The UFO Conspiracy – Space Travelers or Demonic Forces?”

  1. John Haggerty Says:

    I became an evangelical Christian [in my mid-5os] through the Martyn Lloyd-Jones foundation ministry. My faith also grew through the ministry of the late John Stott, Jim Packer and John Piper. I think we now have to take very seriously what you call the occult agenda. Our society is now extremely pagan. As Os Guinness pointed out, society has been softened up for a quasi-religious takeover. Generations have lost touch with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Magic, Wicca covens, goddess worship, internet pornography flourish.The satanic cults such as that of Sananda Maitreya, and the emergence of so-called New Age [i.e. false] Christianity, indicate to me that something is afoot. As for UFOs, the phenomenon baffles me. It cannot all be in the minds of the lunatic fringe. The way same-sex marriage [and gay adoption] is being pushed through, both in the US and Europe, disturbs me. This summer, in the streets of my own city [Glasgow, Scotland, Great Britain] I met some preachers from the US. They were Christ-centred and Holy Spirit led. Police asked them to stop preaching because they had mentioned Hell. These men were good Reformed Calvinists. Scotland was once the land of John Knox. We agreed that street preaching is essential, if only because most people won’t go near church. But if they forbid us from preaching Christ crucified, what are we to do? This is a time to ask: what would George Whitfield do, what would John Wesley do, what would Charles Spurgeon do?

  2. john haggerty Says:

    My above comment was made two years ago. People interested in this subject may want to watch a video on YouTube entitled ARE ALIENS DEMONS? The speaker is Guy Malone. He is an evangelical Christian preaching and teaching in Roswell. Guy is doing exactly what Whitfield and Spurgeon did: Taking the Gospel of grace out to the people, praying for the souls of the lost, and nurturing a knowledge and love of Jesus Christ the Lord and a knowledge and love of Biblical truth. He points out that the Bible DOES have something to say about extra-terrestrial life, but it is negative on the subject. As he says 1) The only stated purpose of the stars is to give light to the Earth and to mark the seasons. Genesis 1: 14-18. 2) Only the Earth is stated as ‘created to be inhabited’. Isaiah 45:18. This is not said of any other planet or star or star system. ‘The heavens declare the glory of God’; that alone ought to satisfy us. 3) The Bible says that God populated the heavens with angels (hosts of heaven). Genesis 2:1. And angels are NOT biological entities. Guy doesn’t shy away from the hidden agenda theory. ‘Are so-called extra-terrestrials intentionally evangelizing us to an alternative spirituality?’ This alternative spirituality is antichrist, New Age and occult, but it has been blended with science. Carl Gustav Jung, father of the New Age, was fascinated by the occult symbolism of flying saucers. (Jung, remember, said the Blessed Trinity ought to be extended to include Satan whom he described as a ‘spirit brother’ of Jesus: this is black magic.) As for the science, we all know that the Vatican has become obsessed with the notion of intelligent life in the universe. Rome has a gigantic telescope at Mount Graham in Arizona; attached to it is an infra-red camera which scientists have nicknamed ‘Lucifer’. If this is a joke then it’s an unholy one. Something is afoot and the Vatican clearly wants in on it. Pope Benedict chaired a conference on the possibility of intelligent life in the universe in which leading world scientists spoke at some length. You can be sure His Holiness didn’t ask any sound Reformed theologians such as John Piper to drop on in. Pope Pius Xll claimed to see a flying saucer above the Vatican in 1950; some people suggest he took it for a sign, and that it influenced him in declaring as Roman doctrine the bodily assumption of Mary into heaven. (Rome promulgated this gnostic nonsense while knowing full well that the early fathers of the church never mentioned such a thing.) The so-called ‘miracle of the sun’ at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 has a demonic aspect. Thousands of poor people saw a grey silvery disc rotating in the sky and emitting a spectrum of colours. These simple people were terrified. I end with words written by the late Jacques Vallee, not a Christian, but a scientist who risked the contempt of his peer group by investigating flying saucers. ‘The UFO phenomenon represents a manifestation of a reality that transcends the current understanding of physics … What we see in effect is not an alien invasion. It is a control system which acts on humans and uses humans,’ Vallee wrote. I am reminded of a spoof cover of Time magazine. It shows an ET draped in the fake robes of holiness and with the caption: THE YEAR GOD DIED. Let it be a warning to all born-again Christians.

  3. john haggerty Says:

    Readers may be interested in several internet posts. The first, ‘UFOs and extraterrestrials – A Problem for the Church’. Here the late Catholic theologian Monsignor Corrado Balducci dismisses the idea that ETs (or ‘inter-dimensional entities’ as abductees more wisely describe them) can be demonic. Says he: ‘We don’t even have to waste a thought on the devil and his demons.’ So much for all the years of research carried out by evangelist Dave Hunt, a wise and godly man who warned us that UFOs would be part of the New Age deception. The Monsignor sees the star travellers as halfway between angels and men, ‘beings which have a physical body but one which is more perfect than ours and influences the soul less in its intelligent acts and intentions’. What is this nonsense but gnosticism? It’s a new-old gnosticism, one that blends mysticism with pseudo science. The famous Protestant theologian Karl Barth, who bravely refused to take an oath of allegiance to Hitler, said gnostics were like the very long snake on the child’s snakes and ladders board; the snake whose only purpose is to deceive, uncoils its way down through the centuries, often in different guises. (I know because I played a lot of snakes and ladders as a small child in the 1950s, before my father bought us a television set.) Another post, ‘Vatican – Zecharia Sitchin’ reveals how the controversial writer has been a welcome visitor inside the Pope’s court. It was Sitchin who proposed in his bestselling books that the Sumerian culture owed its creation to the Annuki, a race of ETs. The Annuki if we are to believe him brought us mathematics, coffee tables and jukeboxes. More gnosticism, this time with a whiff of the X Files about it. The third and final post (though there are scores more) is titled ‘Pope Resignation and Fatima Secret: Destruction of Catholic Church Prophesied’. We may have thought that the horrifying sexual abuse of children by a minority of evil priests was enough to finish off the church. But no, the post suggests that Fatima was really a UFO sighting on a major scale, and that the former Pope Benedict is all too aware of it. Pope Francis, as the last pontiff, won’t so much usher in the end of the world, as the end of our old world-view. What will emerge at the end of Francis’s papacy is ‘a new spiritual belief system based on world unity’. (The late and much-missed Dave Hunt really did tip us off about this one.) But the birth pangs will be difficult. ‘The Roman Catholic Church will be convulsed by events relating to the appearance of extraterrestrial life, bearing a transformative spiritual message for humanity – one that will bring an end to organised religion around the world.’ Imagine. You’ll no longer have to hide when the Jehovah Witnesses come knocking. This is the kind of stuff that Kurt Vonnegut Jnr, a paid-up atheist, would have thought terrifically funny. Those of us who are Protestant must turn to Holy Scripture which alone is the out breathing of God, the only source of revelation from everlasting to everlasting. If anyone wants real preaching then go on to YouTube and Arthur W Pink. I can recommend Pink’s sermon in four parts, THE NATURE OF APOSTASY. Who knows, maybe Pope Francis might listen to Pink long enough to embrace the truth of Sola Scriptura, Solus Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Soli De Gloria. Amen.

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