VIDEO: The Nephilim, The Great Pyramid, and Patrick Heron

Patrick Heron is an honorable Irishman whose studies in the Nephilim’s history, global monolithic structures such as the Great Pyramid, and the Biblical Apocalypse. Even though you’ve probably heard all about the Nephilim story its always good to sit in on another because especially with this one, you’ll get some stuff you haven’t heard before. Heron’s book “The Nephilim, The Great Pyramid, and the Apocalypse” is a book I’ve read in three days. Its excellent and I’d recommend anyone willing to do some research on the Biblical Nephilim to stop by and pick up a copy. Here Heron goes into how these global monolithic structures, specifically the Great Pyramid, how its related to the Nephilim.

Heron’s research coincides with the research of: Richard Hoagland, Chuck Missler, David Flynn, Mike Heiser, Carl Baugh, Kent Hovind, Tom Horn


4 Responses to “VIDEO: The Nephilim, The Great Pyramid, and Patrick Heron”


    please have a look at above link.

    all the best.
    martin / Switzerland

  2. David Flynn a great christian writer and who gave talks at the UFO conference at Roswell has passed away, it is sad to lose someone young [he was 49] and so professional in his research and writings.David was a man of God and he brought so much insight to the bible and what is going on today. David left this world January the 22 2012. His latest book was “The Temple at the center of time”.
    we have lost a awesome researcher and warrior for God. David had a brain tumor that was in a aggressive stage from what i understand.

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